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What is the Niche Laboratory?

The Niche Laboratory is a FREE online research tool that can help you discover topics and niches.

To get started, simply type your keywords into the box above then click on the Generate Report button. After a minute or two the Niche Laboratory will then generate you a report with a lot of useful information about your keywords. You can use this report to give you ideas when brainstorming a new micro-niche site, or even help you with your homework assignments.

Each Niche Laboratory report contains a number of useful items:

  • An executive overview of that niche (only available in major niches like weight loss or famous people, places and stuff).
  • LSI inspired keywords and phrases associated with that topic.
  • A word cloud which gives a visual representation of which words are most important in that topic.
  • A list of the top 10 ranking websites for that topic.
  • The page HTML title tags of the top 10 ranking websites.
  • Meta description and keyword tags from the top 10 ranking websites.
  • A Website Competition Matrix table which shows how easy it could be to rank for the keywords, based on how much SEO has been done by the current top 10 ranking sites, plus how much Social Network activity they've attracted for their content.
  • A few images associated with that topic.
  • A list of some Amazon and AliExpress products that people might be interested in regarding this topic. Amazon and AliExpress products are a great way to monetize websites in certain niches. If you're specifically interested in adding featured products to your blog or drop shipping site then check out the Product Laboratory.
  • Links to a few discussion forums that may be relevant to that topic. Forums are a great place to get traffic to your niche site, and you could of course start your own forum.
  • Google News articles associated with the topic. News articles are a great way to make your site more current.
  • A list of keywords and key phrases associated with the topic that may be copied and pasted into other keyword and SEO tools.

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Use the links in the top menu bar to see a list of sample reports.

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Find 1000's of long tail keywords for your website - CLICK HERE to get started...

Top Niche Laboratory Niches

  • 1. Internet: Web Design & Development
  • 2. Movies: Titles
  • 3. Law: Services
  • 4. Textiles & Nonwovens: Textiles
  • 5. Software: Business
  • 6. Pets: Dogs
  • 7. Programming: Languages
  • 8. Software: Operating Systems
  • 9. Music: Bands & Artists
  • 10. Religion & Spirituality: Christianity
  • These are the current most popular broad niches being researched by users of the Niche Laboratory.

    Key: = riser, = faller, = non-mover, = new

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