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Life After AdSense: How to Prepare for and Survive a Google Smack-down!


I’m Brett, and I have two objectives in this guide:

  1. Wean you off your addiction to monetising your sites using Adsense.
  2. Helping you if you’ve been banned from AdSense, or been given a policy violation email.

First of all, remember NOT TO PANIC.

Replacing AdSense income isn’t difficult!


Because if your site is in a high value niche, then there will be many advertisers who are desperate to get their goods and services advertised to your site’s visitors. As I’ll demonstrate with my own examples, I actually made more money after taking AdSense off my valuable niche sites!

And if your site is in a low value niche, then your low value clicks aren’t going to be hard to replace with another ad network.

What’s in This Guide?

In Part 1 we’ll hold a little post-mortem, and get to the bottom of why your account might have got you into trouble.

In Part 2 we’ll end the soul searching and prepare for WAR.

In later parts I’ll cover in more details my preferred ways of replacing AdSense income.

Later in this guide I’ll also give you a case study of my own bad experiences with AdSense. While I wasn’t banned, I got the dreaded Google AdSense: You have 3 working days to make changes to your site email. Yikes! As a result of this, I took AdSense off many of my niche sites, and had to find new ways of monetising them.



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