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Life After AdSense: Part 3 – Be Prepared With Plan B, C and D!

If you’ve still got an AdSense account, then treat it with respect.

However, you also need to remember that Google doesn’t owe you a living. In fact, they don’t owe you anything.

Even high profile bloggers have got an AdSense smack-down. Pat from Smart Passive Income got a warning about his ad color scheme (a strange warning, but one to be taken seriously!). Spencer from Niche Pursuits fared even worse, and got a total ban.

So for this reason I recommend that you make contingency plans. This is all the more important if:

  1. 60% or more of your online income comes from AdSense.
  2. You make $1000 a month or more online.

Needless to say, if AdSense is 100% of your online income then you have your single egg in a very unsteady basket. Diversify at once!

The best way to prepare for a ban is to divide up your sites and have a think about which products you could sell from each site.

Then go out on Google and search for affiliate products.

A tip here – if you don’t know what to sell, then ask yourself if you REALLY know your niche.

I’ll blow my own horn for a bit. I knew my main niche so well, that not only did I know which affiliate schemes were out there, but I also knew which ones would likely make me money.

And you know what? I was right. Good products sell. So make sure that you know your niches as well as I know mine.

So I knew the products to market. What next?

Time for an experiment!

I took off one of my AdSense blocks, and replaced it with a CPA (click per action) offer. Whereas AdSense normally pays per clicks (PPC), CPA offers only pay you once somebody does something (like sign up for a website or buy something on an ecommerce store). Anyway, I left the CPA offer on the site for three months, and waited...

It’s important to remember that if you’re selling higher value offers, it can take a while to get sales. So in my case I ran the experiment over three months.

At the end of the experiment the results were conclusive: my CPA offer was making around the same amount of money as the AdSense was.

Don’t worry about losing some of your AdSense income. In fact, you might find that if you take off one ad block, then the CPC and RPM of the other two blocks increase! This is because there are more ads competing to appear in less space on your site.

If you’re in good niche then there might be many different affiliate offers. Try them all out!

A big clue though – don’t always go for the highest paying offer. Many of us affiliate marketers have found out that the best offers are in fact the lower paying ones. Sure, they pay less, but they convert a lot better.

I’ll say at this point that planning for my AdSense troubles really paid off. I got my AdSense warning on a Monday. By Wednesday I’d re-monetised every single one of my sites.

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