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These are the main LSI keywords associated with the niche african safari holidays. The most relevant keywords are listed first.

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These are some of the LSI key phrases associated with the niche african safari holidays. The most relevant phrases are listed first.

Keyword Word Cloud

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Keywords and phrases are shown in a font size that is relative to their importance in this niche.

Top Ranking Websites for african safari holidays

Website URLs

These are the top ranked URLs on Bing for the query african safari holidays. It's likely these URLs are also ranking well on Google for the same query. If you want to make it big in the african safari holidays niche then these are the URLs you will need to try to outrank.

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  • 1   African Safari Holidays
  • 2   SafariBookings: African Safari Holidays – Offers from 778 operators
  • 3   Luxury African Safari Holidays, African Safari Holidays, South African Safaris
  • 4   African Safaris; Exceptional Africa safari holidays & beach extensions
  • 5   Safari holidays to Africa with Real Africa, the UK specialists
  • 6   African Safari Holidays & Safari Tours - Africa Safari Classics
  • 7   African Safari Holidays | Africa Safaris | African Holidays | Africa Exclusive
  • 8   African Safari Holidays - Vacations in Tanzania & Kenya, Africa | Ziara Safaris
  • 9   African Safari Packages, Holidays & Tours |
  • 10   African Safari Holidays | Wildlife Experiences

These are the web page HTML titles of the top ranking sites for african safari holidays. If any titles contain this exact keyword or phrase then it will be highlighted in bold. If most or all of the top ranked URLs contain the exact keyword or phrase in the title then it can be much harder to rank a site.

Website Meta-Description Tags

  • 1   Let African Safari Holidays arrange your dream safari holiday, we can cater for your flights, excursions and accommodation and arrange trips to some of Africa’s most popular game parks, so for your one stop safari holiday package let African Safari holidays give you a free safari quote
  • 2   Compare African safari holidays offered by 778 specialized safari operators. Find your perfect safari within minutes. Best price guaranteed!
  • 3   Luxury African Safari Holidays, African Safari Holidays, South African Safaris, South African Holidays, Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Sun City & the Pilanesberg
  • 4   Tailor-made safaris with an award winning operator. Our site lists over 500 lodges & parks, with impartial reviews & honest videos - Call us in the UK or US
  • 5   The UK based safari specialist Real Africa offers exclusive safari holidays to Africa, using private vehicles and luxury lodges and camps.
  • 6   Find your perfect African Safari Holiday with African Safari Classics. Whether you fancy a luxury beach escape or a stay in one of the many tented camps.
  • 7   No Description
  • 8   Travel with Ziara Safaris on an African Safari Holiday of a lifetime! Visit the Greatest Kenya & Tanzania Safari Destinations in Africa. We also offer an exciting range of special packages, including Honeymoons, Bush & Beach Holidays, Family Trips & Mountain Hikes.
  • 9   Africa tours & safaris range from Big 5 safaris & beach holidays to family vacation packages & honeymoons - find out all you need to know from the experts.
  • 10   Planning to book an African safari holiday? We offer a range of African wildlife experiences including Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia & many more.

Read the descriptions in this section to get an overview of what the african safari holidays niche is all about.

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  • 1   African safari, safaris, safari holidays, Kenya safari, Uganda Safari, east African safari, dream safari, national parks, African national parks, trips to Africa, African holiday, African wildlife.
  • 2   African Safaris, African Safari, African Safari Tours, African Safari Holidays, African safari travel
  • 3   Luxury Africa Safari Holidays, Africa Safari Holidays, South Africa Safari, South Africa Holidays, Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Africa, Safari, Holidays, Luxury Safari, Luxury Holiday, holiday, tailor made, Taylor made, South Africa, South African, Kruger Park, winelands, Drakensberg, safaris, group, luxury, african, adventure, customized, individual, planning, experiences, experienced, professional, Group Safaris, Group Holidays, Holiday Packages, hotels, resorts, Kruger National Park Safari, Big 5, Big 5 Safari, Mpumalanga, park, camps, private lodges, lodges, reserves, private reserves, Sabi, Sabi Sand, Timbavati, Klaserie, Sun City, Sun City Holidays, Golf Courses, casino, African Safari, Valley of the Waves, theme park, entertainment, leisure, family, attractions, itinerary, Garden Route, Safari Packages, taylor made holidays, golf, Pilanesberg, Kruger Park Safari
  • 4   african safari
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  • 7   No Keywords
  • 8   tanzania safari, safari tanzania, africa safari, safari africa, african safari, kenya safari, safari kenya, holidays, vacations
  • 9   No Keywords
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URL InDom InURL InTitle InMD InMK HasMD HasMK InH1 InH2 InH3 InAlt SP

This table shows the competition matrix for the query african safari holidays.

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Estimated SEO Difficulty Score for african safari holidays is 46% (0 = easy, 100 = rock hard).

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