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Secret List of Broken And Closed Down Discussion Forums

Here's a not so secret list of broken and closed down forums, courtesy of This list is updated regularly, so please check back and have a look through this list.

Forums are listed together with their category and sub-category. Some forums show icons for the number of users () and number of topics/threads () posted on the forum when it was last updated on FindAForum.

If you're interested in a particular forum, click on the info circle () to see that forum's entry on FindAForum. This is handy if the forum is no longer available. Maybe you'll get enough clues as to what content to put on a new forum in that niche!

Why is this list useful?

These forums are all in great niches, but the sites themselves may have closed down or have been neglected. Maybe you can buy them off the owners, or pick up their expired domain names, or set up rival forums. Remember that generally speaking, the more popular the niche the more posts/users you'd expect to see on that forum. Don't neglect the smaller niches though, they can also be very lucrative. Personally speaking, I would say that every single forum you see here is in a good niche!!!

Key to Errors

The severity of the site's issues are shown in the Status column. The possible statuses are:

= site closed down and domain has probably expired
= issue may only be temporary. Emptier battery represents more serious issue.

You can also check the Detailed Error column for a more detailed description of the forum's state:

Browser can't find site - maybe it has closed down and the domain has expired. Check to see if the domain is available!
The forum's site was down. This might be temporary or it's possible the site has closed. Either way, it's unreliable, so you could make a more reliable alternative!
Something went wrong and they didn't want us to visit...
They might have bought an SSL certificate then mis-configured it. Remember to visit your own sites once in a while just to make sure they're actually working!
Something is wrong somewhere.
ServerProtocolViolation, TrustFailure, SendFailure, ProtocolError, ConnectFailure, ReceiveFailure, ProtocolError, UnknownError
Other problems

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Forum Category Stats Status Detailed Error
{{forum.CategoryName}} > {{forum.SubCategoryName}}
{{forum.NumberOfMembers | number}}
{{forum.NumberOfTopics | number}}

Disclaimer: Please visit these sites at your own risk. Since they were added to FindAForum they may have been hacked, or the owners might have changed. So you might find something unwanted on the sites .


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