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Dear Niche Laboratory visitor,

Do you want some high quality comments on your blog? Do you have a forum and need some really top quality posts?

If the answer is YES to either of these, then read on...

I'm Brett, the owner of Niche Laboratory. Recently I have started a new forum. I want some posts on my forum to make it look busy. In return I will post on your blog or forum. So let's get a posting exchange going!

I am a native English speaker, PhD graduate, published author and currently work as an English teacher. So you'll get some top quality posts from me.

If you are interested then please do the following:

  1. Join my new relationship and dating advice forum here.
  2. When you register, put Post exchange with your_site_url in the registration page's Justification box. your_site_url = the URL of your site(s). That means I can recognise you as a legit user. I'll put your account straight into the Registered Users group.
  3. I'll activate your account so you can start posting. Make at least 5 posts if you want me to post on your blog, or 10 if you want me to register and post on a forum. At least one post should be a new thread.
  4. I am most interested in posts relating to dating and relationships. Are you married? Do you know any friends or family with marital issues? I'm sure all of us have plenty of interesting stories!
  5. I can post about most topics but I know most about SEO, internet business, teaching, science/tech, travel and expat life. If your site is about sports, gaming, bitcoins or other stuff I don't know so much about then I'll have to post more general observations.

Small Print

I won't register for your blog if it requires Facebook or LinkedIn or other complicated authentication. Keep it to simple WordPress email/name combos.

If you have several blogs I can spread the comments out, just put your URL(s) in the Justification box when you register.

I have to use a VPN because of where I live, so if you have complex anti-spammer systems be aware I might be wrongly flagged as a spammer.

Please post quality stuff on my forum, no spam or cancer.

When I comment on your site it will be using the names which could be Brett, BrettB, MrT or NicheLaboratory.

Why Do a Post Exchange?

  • Comments are incredibly valuable for blogs. They show real visitors and Google that people are actually reading your blog! They can also help SEO. Commenters will use language you don't necessarily know about when describing your niche. So in time you might rank for whole sets of new keywords. Commenters also leave comments which you can respond to. Comments can give you ideas for whole new articles. Finally you'll generally find that articles that attract comments are your most popular ones, so make more posts like them.
  • If you run an internet discussion forum then making the forum look busy is super important. This is especially true if your forum is new.
  • Post Exchanges are highly successful, and many of the best forums have been using them for years. My friend should do this as his forum is generally full of off-topic threads and tonnes of cancer. You'll find that Post Exchange users are very experienced commenters - most run their own forums and blogs. They will also be super polite and only post top quality posts.

Pay for Forum Posters

What we're doing here is small scale. If you want to grow your site quickly then you can use PostLoop to buy some high quality posts from the best quality writers online. One of my forum's posters was from PostLoop - can you spot who it is?

So I hope you can join my post exchange community. Let's get our blogs and forums looking busy!

Any problems email me, or post a message on the Niche Laboratory Facebook wall.


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